Mila Carlson & Associates, P.C. was established in 2009 by Mila Carlson, PhD, MSHSA, R.N.
Since founding her company, she has worked as an independent consultant with attorney-clients
across the country.

As a home-based nurse consultant, Mila recognized the necessity to establish a continuity plan
that addressed the needs of her attorney-clients in an organized manner. Concern as to who
could assess the status of her current cases and determine next steps to fulfill her contractual
obligations in the event of emergent situations led to the creation of Success(ion) Solutions,

Success(ion) Solutions, Inc. is a professional services company that develops a business
continuity plan for solo entrepreneurs and independent medical-legal consulting companies. It
provides assistance in fulfilling your consulting agreements, in both planned or emergent
circumstances. By using the available options, professional resources may be retained to
evaluate current caseload, notify case attorneys, and determine next steps to fulfill your current
engagements. Our professional services team manages the completion of ongoing projects, or
assists your previously selected team to fulfill your business obligations.

Success(ion) Solutions, Inc. offers our clients a sense of security, knowing that their attorney-client agreements will be addressed in a mutually satisfactory manner. An added benefit of our
services is organizing your business operations and documenting assets. This establishes a
structured foundation for growth and contributes to your company’s value.

From start-ups to established practices, Success(ion) Solutions, Inc. is available to ensure it will
be “business as usual” for your company and its clients.

Your company’s future starts now!
Contact Mila Carlson today to ensure your business has a Success(ion) Solution™.

Dr. Mila Carlson

Dr. Mila Carlson