What We Offer

When starting a new business, few entrepreneurs think ahead to the time when they will be retiring from their successful endeavor. Nor do they anticipate that there may be a time when circumstances prevent them from continuing to offer their clients service because of injury, ill health, or family emergencies.

Success(ion) Solutions, Inc. was established to fill this gap in a business owner’s future planning. Our goal is to allow you to continue in business while developing a strategy for the future. The Guidebook is designed to prompt solo entrepreneurs to begin thinking of these steps and either plan for how they will complete the steps or consider utilizing the services offered by Success(ion) Solutions, Inc.

The initial process begins with establishing an official business closure date. Once that has been determined, you can begin the orderly process of terminating your independent practice. A plan for referrals to trusted colleagues is beneficial. While using the Guidebook for retirement or emergency planning, you will also be organizing your business assets for success now.

Level 1 -Self-Directed

Our Level 1 -Self-Directed program is designed for the Medical-Legal solopreneurs who have the time to Do It Yourself.  We provide you with the tools and the instructions and you want to create it while working in your business.  Click here for more details.

Level 2 -Service Package with Coaching

Our Level 2 -Service Package is designed for the Medical-Legal solopreneurs who have been working in their business for a number of years and would like some help putting their plan into place.  Click here for more details.

Level 3 -Deluxe Setup Service Package

Our Level 3 -Deluxe Set-up Service Package is for the busy Medical-Legal solopreneurs who want the plan set up for them so they can implement the finished plan in their practice.  Click here for more details.

Level 4 -Full Setup & Implementation

Our Level 4 -Full Set-Up and Implementation  (Pre-Event).  This done-for-you program is designed for the Medical-Legal solopreneurs who have made the decision to wind down their business.  Click here for more details.

Level 5 -Full Setup Emergent (Post Event)

Our Level 5 – a Full Set-up is designed for an unfortunate circumstance where immediate action needs to be taken.    We provide creation of a Succession Plan and the implementation and oversight by experienced professionals.  Click here for more details.